Story The crew of the Xon crashed on a mysterious planet after traveling through a wormhole. Their ship is in need of repairs and cannot escape the planet’s atmosphere. Luckily there is an abundance of natural resources on the planet’s surface. It’s your job to gather these resources and use them to rebuild your ship... Continue Reading →


Guardians of the Galaxy: The Board Game

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Board Game is a table top role-playing game set in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie universe. Players play as any of the five characters, and work together to complete missions around the universe. Players gain experience and can upgrade their characters through unique skill trees that give a character special abilities and... Continue Reading →


Story Intro Waking up, groggy, blurry eyed, you wonder, Where am I? As you come around to the dim lights, you notice two others, just as confused and weary as you. Before you can speak to them, a voice rings out from a speaker. “Welcome to my home. No doubt you are confused. We’re going... Continue Reading →


Aliens have invaded Earth and humanity has almost lost. In a bunker deep under the Rocky Mountains, a dedicated group of scientists has developed humanities last hope, a time machine. With the knowledge gathered from fighting the war, an elite team of agents will be sent back to change the past and save humanities future.... Continue Reading →

Spelling in Space (working Title)

Teachers and student alike were in mind when designing this game. A game that was made for your every day 4th grade class room to review spelling and grammar in a fun and engaging way. Students are tested on their knowledge of spelling and grammar through hundreds of spelling and grammar cards that each and... Continue Reading →

Stop The Press!!!

Stop The Press! is a fun, easy to learn party game that is simple at its core, but optimizes its experience through engaging interaction among players. This game will have you and your friends confused and highly entertained during every session! The rules are simple and the laughs are worth it! In this party game, you will have... Continue Reading →

Hot Topics

The New Debating game! Resolve all those questions once and for all!  Is Batman Better than Superman? Should all Cars be autonomous? see our Rules of play here! brochure-1   Vote for Hot Topics!

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